Game Offerings

At Betix, each game is a symphony of top-notch engineering and captivating user experience. Instead of a crowded ensemble, our focus remains on delivering the crรจme de la crรจme of web3 gaming. Our launch blueprint is geared towards showcasing a plethora of games, finely tuned to suit the eclectic tastes of global players. As the Betix journey unfolds, anticipate an ever-growing repertoire of gaming delights.

Initial Roadmap:

Our initial roadmap comprises the following games, with more to be added as we continue to grow and evolve:

  1. Raffle Arena - Coming Soon

  2. Bull Run: A Crypto Crash Game - Coming Soon

  3. Wheel of Fortune - Coming Soon

  4. Plinko - Coming Soon

  5. Coinflip - Coming Soon

  6. Crypto Chests - Coming Soon

  7. Dice - Coming Soon

...and a cascade of more adventures lies ahead!

Your Voice Shapes Betix

At Betix, player feedback isn't just heard; it directly influences our future. We're dedicated to both expanding our game library and closely listening to what our community wants. If a particular game or feature gains popularity or is frequently requested, we'll work hard to bring it to our platform. After all, at Betix, every player's enjoyment is our top priority.

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