🚀Prelaunch Rewards Campaign

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Welcome to the Betix Prelaunch Rewards Campaign! This exciting opportunity is designed for early supporters of Betix, offering a chance to earn substantial rewards in $BETX tokens and exclusive Wealth Circle NFTs before our official launch. Engage in various activities, climb the ranks, and secure your share of the rewards!

How to Participate

  1. Play Roulette with Demo Funds: Earn 5 XP for every 1 Demo USDT wagered.

  2. Invite Friends: Receive 30% of the XP earned by the friends you've brought into the Betix community.

  3. Participate in $BETX Presale: 1,000,000 XP for every 1 USD contributed.

  4. Chat: Earn 10,000 XP for every message you send! Note: There's a 1-minute cooldown on XP earnings to ensure fair play and prevent spam. Maximize your gain with up to 600,000 XP possible every hour. Happy chatting!

  5. Mint Wealth Circle NFTs: With each Bronze NFT, gain 200M XP; with Silver, 500M XP; and with Gold, 1.3B XP, directly boosting your rank.

Rank and Rewards

Players progress through 40 ranks by earning XP. Each rank corresponds to a specific portion of the 30,000,000 $BETX token pool. Additionally, the top 10 overall XP earners will receive Wealth Circle NFTs as follows:

  • 1st and 2nd Place: Gold Wealth Circle NFTs

  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th Place: Silver Wealth Circle NFTs

  • 6th to 10th Place: Bronze Wealth Circle NFTs

$BETX Token Allocation per Rank:

  • Ranks 1-10 (Bronze Tier): Equal share of 1,500,000 tokens.

    • Each rank in this tier: 150,000 tokens.

  • Ranks 11-20 (Silver Tier): Equal share of 3,000,000 tokens.

    • Each rank in this tier: 300,000 tokens.

  • Ranks 21-30 (Gold Tier): Equal share of 4,500,000 tokens.

    • Each rank in this tier: 450,000 tokens.

  • Ranks 31-40 (Elite Tier): Total share of 21,000,000 tokens:

    • Level 31: 1,000,000 tokens

    • Level 32: 1,200,000 tokens

    • Level 33: 1,400,000 tokens

    • Level 34: 1,600,000 tokens

    • Level 35: 1,800,000 tokens

    • Level 36: 2,100,000 tokens

    • Level 37: 2,400,000 tokens

    • Level 38: 2,800,000 tokens

    • Level 39: 3,200,000 tokens

    • Level 40: 3,500,000 tokens

Notes on Distribution:

  • Within each rank, the allocated tokens are shared equally among all players who achieve that rank.

  • The top 10 overall XP earners will receive Wealth Circle NFTs in addition to any $BETX tokens earned through their rank.

Campaign Duration

The campaign is active until the official launch of Betix. The end date will be announced in advance.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility: The campaign is open to all users of Betix.

  2. XP Calculation: XP is earned through gameplay, referrals, and $BETX sale participation.

  3. Referral Rewards: Referral rewards are credited only for introducing new players. Self-referrals, including creating additional accounts by the same user, are not eligible for rewards.

  4. Token Distribution: $BETX tokens will be distributed after the campaign ends and no later than the official launch of Betix.

  5. NFT Distribution: Wealth Circle NFTs will be allocated to the top 10 XP earners at the end of the campaign.

  6. Fair Play: Any form of abuse, including creating multiple accounts for bonuses, will lead to disqualification.

  7. Changes to Campaign: Betix reserves the right to modify terms or structure of the campaign at any time without prior notice, for any reason.

  8. No Liability: Betix is not liable for issues related to technical difficulties or access problems.

  9. Jurisdiction: The campaign is subject to the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which Betix operates.

This Prelaunch Rewards Campaign is a unique opportunity to become a part of the Betix community and earn rewards before we officially go live. Participate, climb ranks, and be a part of our exciting journey!

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