How to Refund Your Wealth Circle Tokens

A Step-by-Step Guide

If you've decided to refund your Wealth Circle tokens, the process is straightforward and secure. Follow these simple steps to refund your tokens and receive the refundable amount directly to your wallet:

  1. Navigate to the Mint & Manage page: Visit and switch the view to "Manage."

  2. Connect your wallet: Ensure that your wallet is connected to the Ethereum Mainnet blockchain.

  3. View your Wealth Circle NFTs: If you have Wealth Circle NFTs in your wallet, they will appear in the table on the page. The table displays Token ID, Tier, Refundable Amount, and Refund Eligibility Period for each token.

  1. Check for refund eligibility: In the rightmost column of the table, you'll see the available actions for each token. If a token is eligible for refund, there will be a "Refund" button alongside the "View on OpenSea" button.

  2. Initiate the refund: To refund your token, click the "Refund" button. The refundable amount is specified in the Refundable Amount column.

  3. Approve the transaction: Once you click the "Refund" button, your wallet will prompt you to approve the transaction. Confirm the details and approve the transaction.

  4. Receive your refund: The refunded token will be removed from your wallet, and the refundable amount will be credited directly to your wallet balance.

Please note that the refund process is irreversible, and the refunded token will be permanently removed from your wallet. Ensure that you carefully review all details before proceeding with the refund.

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