About Wealth Circle

Profit From Casino Success

Wealth Circle is an exclusive investment program that offers a unique opportunity to own a share of Betix Casino's revenue. By participating in Wealth Circle, you can acquire Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that grant you access to a portion of the casino's profits, as well as additional benefits and rewards based on your membership tier.

The Wealth Circle program is divided into three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each tier offers a different percentage of revenue share and various perks. By owning a Wealth Circle NFT, you will become a part of a select group of investors who are directly invested in the success of Betix Casino.

To learn more about the specific tiers and their associated benefits, please visit our Investment Tiers in Wealth Circle page.

In the Revenue Share & Other Benefits section, you will find an in-depth overview of how the revenue share system works and the additional benefits offered to Wealth Circle NFT holders. Our How to Mint and How to Refund pages provide step-by-step guides on the processes of minting and refunding Wealth Circle NFTs. Finally, the Earnings Calculator page offers a useful tool to estimate your potential earnings based on your investment in Wealth Circle NFTs.

Join Wealth Circle today and secure your share of Betix Casino's revenue while enjoying exclusive benefits and rewards.

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