The $BETX token is at the heart of the Betix platform, powering its unique features and rewarding our dedicated community. Let's delve into the specifics of our tokenomics:

The initial supply of $BETX tokens is set at a robust 1 billion (1,000,000,000) tokens. This sizable quantity is designed to ensure substantial liquidity for all users and provide ample room for the exponential growth we envision in the Betix ecosystem.

We've strategically allocated our token supply to ensure Betix's long-term success and robustness:

  • Public Presale: 40% - The Presale is the unique opportunity to acquire $BETX tokens before our official listing on a decentralized exchange (DEX). This stage represents a critical step in Betix's journey, offering the community a significant stake in the platform's future.

  • Liquidity: 20% - To ensure a stable and healthy market for $BETX tokens, we have dedicated a significant portion for liquidity - 20% which will be reached in few stages! This allocation is key to facilitating smooth trading and maintaining confidence among investors and users.

  • Rewards Pool: 15% - Betix is all about community. This allocation is for rewarding our dedicated users and presale participants, driving user engagement and incentivizing continued loyalty.

  • Listings: 10% - We've earmarked a portion of tokens for listing on CEX exchanges. This allocation is crucial for expanding the reach of $BETX and ensuring its availability to a broader audience.

  • Company: 10% - Our team is dedicated to Betix's success. We believe in our project and are committed to its long-term growth. Team tokens are locked for 12 months and will be vested over 12 months.

  • Reserve: 5% - We've earmarked a portion of tokens as a reserve. This ensures the long-term stability and flexibility of the platform, allowing us to navigate any future opportunities or challenges.

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