Why Wealth Circle? The Story and Mission


Wealth Circle's goal is simple: to build a strong bond between Betix Casino and its early supporters. We want to grow and succeed together. Every step Betix Casino takes forward, our loyal supporters take it with us.

Why Wealth Circle?

We created Wealth Circle to thank our community for believing in Betix Casino. The name "Wealth Circle" means we're all in this journey of success together. This program is our way of giving back, letting every investor feel the excitement and rewards of our progress.

A Unique Investment Opportunity

Wealth Circle is special. It's for those who saw the potential in Betix Casino from the start. This program is our way of saying, "Thank you for believing in us. Now let's grow together."

Exclusive Benefits and Rewards

Being an early believer has its perks. Wealth Circle doesn't just share our profitsβ€”it lets our supporters be a big part of our success story. The more Betix Casino grows, the more benefits our supporters can enjoy. It's a win-win!

No Dilution

Every token in Wealth Circle has its own value. It means each token gets a share of Betix Casino's earnings. And with a set limit on the number of tokens, we're making sure they always feel special and valuable.

Refund Option

A portion of the funds generated through the investment program is allocated to a smart contract, which locks them for a one-year period. This allocation enables Wealth Circle investors to refund eligible tokens at 50% of their mint price.

Duration and Milestones of Wealth Circle

While the Wealth Circle program is primarily geared towards celebrating and rewarding our community, it's crucial to highlight a specific operational milestone. The program will conclude once our Gaming Revenue reaches the significant mark of 1 billion USD. This approach ensures that our early supporters and investors are acknowledged and rewarded during the most pivotal moments of Betix Casino's growth.

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