Introducing $BETX

Betix Casino's Native Utility Token

At Betix Casino, we are committed to offering our players an engaging and rewarding gaming experience. To facilitate this, we have introduced $BETX, our native utility token that plays a pivotal role within the Betix ecosystem.

How Does It Work?

Curious about what makes Betix the most rewarding casino in the market? Take a look at our high-level overview below. It illustrates exactly how we've structured our platform to maximize benefits for every player. From engaging casino games to unique profit-sharing through BETX tokens and our exclusive Wealth Circle, discover how every aspect of Betix is designed to enhance your gaming experience and reward your participation.


At Betix, we go beyond standard buyback practices. Our system purchases BETX tokens daily from the market using a percentage of casino revenues and enhances token value through strategic demand stimulation. As these purchases occur, the intrinsic value of BETX naturally increases, driving more substantial market interest and price stability.


We elevate the token burn process by burning a portion of BETX tokens and incorporating usage incentives that further reduce the circulating supply. Each day, half of the tokens we receive from both buyback and user spends are permanently removed from circulation, significantly enhancing the scarcity and potential value of the remaining tokens.


Betix enhances daily rewards by allowing BETX holders to earn dividends without locking their tokens. Simply keep your BETX on our platform to qualify for daily rewards. You maintain full control of your tokens, free to use or withdraw them anytime while enjoying consistent benefits. This flexibility, combined with reliable rewards, distinguishes Betix by providing liquidity and profitability without traditional staking constraints.

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