Wealth Circle Dashboard

An Overview

The Wealth Circle Dashboard offers an all-in-one interface for you to keep track of important information related to Betix Casino's performance and your investment in the Wealth Circle program. By navigating to https://betix.gg/wealthcircle/dashboard, you can access real-time data on key metrics and manage your Wealth Circle tokens with ease.

Here's an overview of the various tiles and information available on the Wealth Circle Dashboard:

  1. Betix Betting Volume: This tile displays the total betting volume on Betix Casino, expressed in USD.

  2. Betix Gaming Revenue: This tile shows the total amount of fees generated on Betix Casino.

  3. Bets Made on Betix: This tile shows the total number of bets placed on Betix Casino.

  4. Your Wealth Circle Holdings: In this tile, you'll find a breakdown of the number of Wealth Circle tokens you own in each tier. It allows you to keep track of your investment in the program at a glance.

  5. Your Earnings from Profit Share: In this tile, you can view your current earnings from the revenue share program, ready to be claimed. To claim your earnings, simply click the "Claim Earnings" button.

The Wealth Circle Dashboard is designed to offer a seamless and convenient experience for investors, making it easy to monitor your investment and the performance of Betix Casino. Be sure to visit the dashboard regularly to stay updated on the latest information and manage your Wealth Circle tokens effectively.

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