Wealth Circle: Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Wealth Circle program's terms and conditions. To ensure clarity and mutual understanding, we've laid down a few fundamental principles that will govern our operations.

1. Program Duration

  • The Wealth Circle program is designed to operate until we achieve a gaming revenue of $1 Billion or for a duration of 5 years, whichever comes first.

2. Active Member Criteria

  • To maintain an active member status and to continue reaping rewards, users are mandated to claim their rewards at least once every 3 months.

  • Failing to adhere to this interval may disrupt the rewards continuity.

  • 3-months window resets when user claims rewards.

3. Basis for Profit Share

  • Profits shared with members are derived from the net profits.

  • Net Profits = Revenue - Operating Expenses.

  • Operating expenses numbers will be shared with Wealth Circle holders.

4. One-Year Refund Option

  • Every token is backed by a refund guarantee for 50% of its mint price.

  • Every token can be refunded within 365 days from the mint date.

  • Each token is eligible for a refund only once.

  • Only the current token owner can initiate a refund, provided the token has not been refunded previously, even if it has been transferred or sold to another wallet.

By joining the Wealth Circle program, participants acknowledge and agree to these terms. It's essential to be informed and stay aligned with the program's core principles. Remember, transparency and mutual respect are foundational to our journey together.

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