Investment Tiers in Wealth Circle

Your Path To Success

Wealth Circle offers three distinct tiers for investors, each with its unique benefits and revenue share percentage. These tiers have been designed to accommodate various investment levels and preferences, ensuring that everyone can find a suitable option.

Before diving into the details of each tier in the table, here's a quick overview of the main advantages associated with each tier:

  • Bronze Tier: An affordable, entry-level investment option for those looking to support Betix Casino with a lower budget.

  • Silver Tier: A higher investment level providing increased returns for investors willing to contribute more.

  • Gold Tier: The top-tier investment opportunity for those seeking the highest return on investment.

By understanding the key differences between the tiers, you can make an informed decision on which tier best suits your investment goals and preferences.


Maximum Tokens




Revenue Share for All tokens in Tier




Revenue Share per $10,000,000 profit

285 USD

791 USD

2,300 USD

Return On Investment (ROI) per $10,000,000 profit




Mint Price*

199 USD

499 USD

1,299 USD

* During the minting process, the USD price is converted into ETH using real-time conversion rates.

Please note that while the revenue share percentages for each tier are fixed, additional benefits and mint prices may be subject to change. It's essential to stay informed about any updates to the Wealth Circle program to make the most out of your investment.

365-Day Refund Policy: Secure Your Investment

To provide you with enhanced security and peace of mind, we've established a time-sensitive refund mechanism for Wealth Circle tokens. Investors can now request a refund for their tokens within a 1-year period from the mint date, receiving 50% of the original mint price through the smart contract. This feature allows you ample time to make well-informed decisions about your investment in WealthCircle tokens.

Our unique refund policy is crafted to protect our investors and instill confidence in their investment, showcasing our dedication to your success. Embrace the Wealth Circle community today and invest with assurance, knowing we prioritize your best interests.

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